Micro-Influencer Marketing at Scale

Our Enterprise Solution – How It Works

Step One

Business objectives and campaign parameters

Whether it is driving sales or increasing brand awareness, we work with you to establish program objectives and campaign parameters that tie directly into your overall digital marketing strategy.

Step Two

Target the right micro-influencers

Our platform and influencer recruitment team identifies prospective micro-influencers that fit your business objectives. We measure their individual brand values, reach and content, to ensure that your campaign’s message is relevant and the pay rates to each micro-influencer is value-driven.

Step Three

Fully-managed, enterprise solution that drives measurable results

Unlike traditional marketing programs, we provide enterprises customers with real-time campaign performance data and actionable, campaign optimization recommendations so that your campaign subscription dollars are fully-maximized.

Subscription Options

Simple Social Share Enterprise

The optimal solution for enterprises who sell to customers on a national basis
$ 995+/Month
  • Granular targeting capabilities match the right content, message and offer to the right micro-influencers
  • Daily campaign reports provide insights at aggregate and individual micro-influencer levels
  • Campaign optimization is done for you, based on your program objectives
  • Ability to have multiple, concurrent campaigns as part of a single micro-influencer program
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Simple Social Share Multi-Branch

The perfect option for enterprises with multiple US locations, who need local promotion for each branch office.
  • Granular targeting capabilities match the right geo-targeted micro-influencer to the specific branch location
  • Campaign budgeting and optimization by branch or site level, maximizing your dollars
  • Branch-level campaign and cost reporting makes it easy to allocate costs from head office to each branch location
  • Campaign optimization is done for you, based on your program objectives
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Simple Social Share Custom Solutions

The ideal solution created for national brands with $10,000+ monthly budgets
  • Leverage the complete power of Tempesta Media’s integrated content marketing platform for your micro-influencer and content program
  • Ideal for large-scale programs with more than 1,000 participating micro-influencers
  • Dedicated account management team to handle all your micro-influencer and content development needs
  • No limits on the number of concurrent campaigns.
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Gary Kreissman

Gary Kreissman

Co-Founder of KeyVersion

“As a busy executive, I am always trying to maximize my return on time. Tempesta Media’s Simple Social Share, gives me the capability to tap into a power marketing channel, without forcing me to learn a new system or spend countless hours trying optimize the campaign.

They handle all the hard work: influencer recruitment, trafficking of the content through the influencers’ social networks, payment of the influencers and reporting, so I don’t have to do so.”

Mark Schneider

Mark Schneider

CEO of Creative Intelligence

“If you are looking for a fast and easy way to tap into the power of micro-influencer marketing, Simple Social Share is your best bet. It took me less than five minutes to set up my campaign.

Tempesta Media’s Simple Social Share was able to quickly drive qualified traffic to my website. I was able to see how many influencers participated in my campaign, the size of audience that saw my offer, the number of people who came to my website and more.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What solutions do you offer for SMBs (small and medium-sized busineses)?

We offer a fully-automated micro-influencer solution exclusively through our channel partners.  To learn more or be connected with one of our partners, please contact us at

What are the minimum subscription committments for Simple Social Share?

Beyond the setup period, Enterprises can select either a month-to-month or annual subscription relationship with Tempesta Media.

How long does it take to get a Simple Social Share Enterprise campaign live and in market?

Simple Social Share Enterprise campaigns require a 30 – 90 day setup period, depending on the enterprise and the complexity of program required.

Does my company get to pre-approve each micro-influencer?

Yes.  As part of the setup process and at regular intervals thereafter, you will be presented with a screened list of micro-influencers, which meet your business and program objectives.  You pre-approve each micro-influencer, prior to them being asked to participate in your program.

How long are Simple Social Share subscriptions?

You can either purchase an Enterprise-level Simple Social Share subscription on a month-to-month or annual basis.  Additional capabilities and cost-savings are available to annual subscribers.

Do you guarantee subscription return-on-investment (ROI)?

As with any other marketing program, offer, audience and consumer experience (where you are sending prospective buyers) all work together to make a program successful.  As we do not control the offer or the consumer experience, it is impossible for us to provide a guaranteed subscription ROI.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely. All Simple Social Share subscriptions can be cancelled with 30-days written notice to, prior to the renewal of your subscription term.  To learn more about Tempesta Media’s term’s and conditions, please visit: